1. Post-Inflation, is the vest reusable?

    • Absolutely! If undamaged, simply replace the CO2 cartridge (refer to the manual) and you're good to go. For any damage concerns, our customer service is here to assist.
  2. Washable? How?

    • Designed for easy care! While it braves the rain, don’t soak it. Just remove the Pro-Air component, hand wash the fabric, and you’re set. Avoid dry cleaning, though.
  3. Backpack with the vest – Yay or Nay?

    • Possible, but with caution. If the straps are too snug, they might obstruct the vest’s function. Our advice? Skip the backpack if you can.
  4. Torn during a mishap – Is it still protective?

    • The vest's rapid inflation means it offers protection well before any abrasion can happen. It remains inflated for about 8 seconds, ensuring safety during most accident scenarios. Post-event, touch base with our customer service for a check-up.